The Block finale: Dave Hughes now owns the winners’ house.

Video by Channel 9

In a finale like no other, The Block ended on Sunday night with a series first: a celebrity buyer. Josh and Elyse’s stunning property was bought by Melbourne-based radio host and comedian Dave Hughes.

“I don’t live too far away and I was driving past and I was thinking, “gee it is a good spot, it is a good house, it is a good area,” he said.

“And now we own it.” Hughes bought the property for $3,067,000, meaning 28-year-old Josh and 24-year-old Elyse pocketed $447,000. They described the moment as “life changing”.

Here’s how it went down. There was some controversy over the order of the auctions, which was awkward, but eventually it went as follows:

Elyse and Josh


Jason and Sarah

Sticks and Wombat

Ronnie and Georgia

Clint and Hannah

Here’s a look inside each of the properties:

Hannah and Clint

Sticks and Wombat

Josh and Elyse

Ronnie and Georgia

Jason and Sarah

And finally, here’s how much each team made:

Elyse and Josh: $447,000 (plus $100,000 prize money)

Jason and Sarah: $387,000

Sticks and Wombat: $130,000

Ronnie and Georgia: $161,000

Clint and Hannah: $95,000

What a season!