The successful bidders of The Block finale will also walk away with these freebies.

With finale week of The Block upon us, fans and buyers alike are gearing up for what could be television’s biggest cash fest.

As always, the last episode of the season of The Block has the potential to make or break so many of the contestants’ dreams.

But this season, it could be the buyers who win big and get the best value for their few, cool million dollars.

As always, the lucky buyers of Australia’s most famous apartments will own the apartment and everything inside it – holding tight to everything from wall-paintings to bedcovers.

However, Domain reports that more than ever, this season’s contestants spent their money on the big-ticket investment pieces.

In fact, 2016 saw Julia and Sasha’s opulent master ensuite cost them $65,000.

The bathroom in question. Does it look like $65,000 worth? Image via Channel 9.

Interestingly, they weren't the only ones who threw their pennies at the master ensuite.

The bill for the other contestants' bathrooms came in between $45,000 and $50,000 — well beyond the previous record of $40,000 set by Dean and Shay Paine during the 2015 season.

So apart from horrifically extravagant bathrooms, what else will the buyers get with their purchase?


In Kim and Chris’ apartment, buyers will be able to hold onto, and lounge daily, on this $4,000 Schots leather sofa.

Image via Channel 9. 

But if expensive sofas aren't really your thing, and opulent lighting is, then maybe you should feast your eyes on Beacon crystal pendant in Dan and Carleen's apartment that would normally set you back a cool $1895.

It hangs just above their island bench in their faithfully art deco kitchen.

Image via Channel 9. 

Or, you know, buyers could spend their days looking at, and putting their books on this Pottery Barn coffee table that retails for about $1199.

Image via Channel 9.

With the finale set to air this week, the buyers may not be the only ones walking away from the television show with a big one.

In fact, if previous seasons are anything to go by, contestants may be able to go and purchase their own inner-city art deco apartment from the cash in their own pocket.

Last year, Dean and Shay Paine were crowned champions of The Blocktagon, with their penthouse apartment going under the hammer for a whopping $2.3 million, taking home a sizeable $755,000.