The Block drama: Are couples really threatening to sue?

The producers of The Block can relax.

Dee isn’t going to sue them after all.

A Current Affair last night reported “We can confirm she [Deanne Jolly] was considering threatening to sue the show for loss of income.”

So, supposedly, she was maybe thinking about almost telling the producers that she might take action. OH NO.

As it turns out, she wasn’t.

The Block‘s executive producer and co-creator Julian Cress confirmed that it was all a rumour. Dee and ex-AFL player Darren Jolly may have only walked away with $10,000 after months of hard work, but they knew it was all part of the game.

“I’ve spent a lot of time talking to Darren and Dee (since the auction) and obviously they are devastated by the result,” Cress said. “That is a completely fallacious story. There was a report that Darren and Dee were looking to sue us. Darren and Dee are much bigger people than that.

“The thought of suing us — do you think that Darren sued the Swans when he was in the (AFL) Grand Final that didn’t win? It is absurd. There is no question of it. We are talking about a true sportsman and a gentleman and the thought of him now calling a lawyer and suing us because he didn’t win the  grand final is just ridiculous.”

Good point, Julian.

Despite the tears and clenched jaws after the rollercoaster finale, none of The Block contestants are hating on Channel Nine (well, publicly anyway). Reportedly, the contestants are each paid $700 per week during the show ($1400 per couple), which was enough to cover rent and expenses outside the house. So, in the end, the prize money was prize money.

As Scott Cam always says, that’s The Block.

Pictures from Sunday’s rollercoaster finale:

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