Which former Block contestants are set to return in 2015?


Channel 9’s The Block will be back in 2015 in an iteration called “The Block – Triple Treat” (which sounds like an ice-cream).

The show is bringing back some former stars – but the choice of these contestants has left some loyal fans a little miffed.

First up, Dee and Daz from The Block: Glasshouse 2014 are set to return. Dee’s diva-like behaviour divided audiences as she swore, complained and generally kicked up a fuss in nearly every episode. Viewers threatened to boycott the series if the couple continued to receive so much airtime. Clearly, the producers of the show loved every minute of it.

Dee, 42, and her partner ex-AFL player Darren Jolly,33,  walked away with only $10,000 after months of hard work, and were vocal about the producers ‘ripping off’ contestants. Dee famously threatened to steal artworks and ‘raid’ the winning apartments to get some money back.

Her return to the show is going to be more than a little awkward, not least of all because at the last end of the last season she was adamant that, without prize-money to reward all the couple’s efforts, it “would be stupid to do The Block under these conditions and in this time frame” again. Stupid but apparently worthwhile.



Darren and Dee

Bec and George Douros from The Block 2013 season are also going to return to our screens. The pair were fan favourites, and have followed their passion for design and renovation professionally since appearing on the show.

Bec and George. 

Contestants Kim Owen and Matt Di Costa from The Block: Sky High 2013 will also be coming back for more renovation good-times next year.

Matt and Kim.

And just by way of a refresher: Matt and Kim were the ones responsible for this monstrosity:

Given these casting announcements we’re going to be bold and say it’s going to be an interesting season return in 2015: