A block couple have been trolled so bad they've had to take up counselling.

The Block contestants Andrew and Whitney have learnt the hard way that the internet at it’s worst can be an awfully harsh place.

Whitney Nolan and Andrew Simmons are contesting this season of The Block (currently airing). They’ve been involved in a lot of drama and seem to have got some Block fans off side. These ‘fans’ have not held back in voicing their opinions about the young couple, over social media.

Andrew and Whitney have been having a tough time. Image via @whitneyandandy Instagram.

Nothing prepared the 29-year olds from Melbourne for the trolling they've received since the show aired. People have been so nasty that it's driven the couple to take up the counselling services that Channel Nine offers contestants after the show finishes.

"People are saying very nasty stuff," Whitney told the Herald Sun.

"It's a different world. We are just normal people doing this experience. You can never prepare yourself for the things you hear being said about you."

Here's a snippet of what Whitney is referring to;

The comments have been harsh, and the couple have admitted that they can't handle it anymore. Whitney spoke about how her partner really struggled with the pressure on the show.

"He was just trying to get through each day as it comes, he was struggling a bit with depression," she said. 

The beauty therapist did say that the whole ordeal has made the couple closer.

The couple have become closer because of the whole experience. Image via @whitneyandandy Instagram.

A few weeks ago Simmons and Nolan revealed that they suffered from panic attacks and several breakdowns while filming the renovation show. Simmons has said that if the show miscalculated their casting choices, it’s scary to think what could happen in the future.

“Some people perhaps won’t be able to handle it (competing on The Block) — and that is the risk and the scary part about it,” Simmons told The Daily Telegraph.

We hope the trolling stops and the counselling can help the young couple get through their online ordeal.

Do you think people need to ease up on the nasty comments on social media?

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