"It's just disgusting": The Block twins are shocked anyone would go on the show to win money.

They just love renovating, OK?

It’s common knowledge that the only reason anyone ever appears on reality television shows is because they have a genuine passion for, variously, marriage, entrepreneurship, cooking or renovating.

Reality TV stars are among the most down-to-earth, self-effacing people around. They’re not interested in money and fame. Right?

Au contraire, say former The Block contestants Alisa and Lysandra Fraser. Unless, of course, you’re talking about them.

The Fraser twins at the premiere of The Dressmaker last night. Image via Facebook.

“They go in thinking everything is done for them and to have that attitude is just disgusting really,’ Alisa told the Daily Mail at the premiere of The Dressmaker last night, when asked about the this season’s contestants.

“I think people go into it wanting to win the money, whereas we went into it wanting to renovate – the money was just an extra and I think people go in a little bit premeditated,” Lysandra said.

For the love of renovating… the Fraser twins.

I mean sure, twin sisters Lysandra and Alisa Fraser did take home more than $1 million for their efforts in two separate series of the show; and yes, they were making these comments from the red carpet of a film premiere.

But you guys, they just freakin’ love renovating.

Another noteworthy piece of info: Alisa is pregnant and said that she has had some problems “down in that area”.

“I am struggling more and more with my pubis symphysis everyday. It honestly feels like you have been kicked in the bits with steel cap boots like 100 times over.”