The Block fans aren't happy, and it has nothing to do with the contestants.

Excited for the final room reveals on The Block tomorrow night? So are we. Or should that be, ‘were we’…

Because tomorrow night’s tools-down episode has already aired.


the block aired early

We know, guys. We know. Image: Channel 9.

Channel Nine ran the show at 7:30 tonight after a test-losing performance from the Aussie cricket team left a gap in the programming.

Understandably, The Block fans were less than impressed with the network's little head-start, and logged in to social media to vent their frustrations.

Channel 9's poor little social media minion tried to help angry viewers see the silver lining in the switcheroo, writing: "The cricket's finished early and we just couldn't wait for room reveals!


Nice try with the smiley face emoji, but we're not buying it.

The fact you correctly assumed we would be glued to the TV tonight anyway is entirely irrelevant. It's still mucked up our entire, carefully planned viewing schedule.


And you made the TV guide lie to us, which is not okay.

Although, to be fair, you don't deserve all of the blame. We all know who the real villain in this whole saga is: the Australian cricket team.

the block aired early

We're looking at you, Steve Smith. Run. Image: Getty.

Basically, we all missed one of the final episodes of this season of our favourite reality renovation show because our national team didn't run up and down a dead strip of grass as many times as South Africa's did.

You better start running now, fellas. Fast.

P.S. Tomorrow night's episode will be what should have been Wednesday night's, and Wednesday night's will be... well, that's TBD. But check your TV guide. Actually, maybe just tune in.

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