A new judge and picturesque location. Here is everything we know so far about The Block 2024.

The Block Australia is set to make waves in 2024 with its landmark 20th season, promising to be the most ambitious and exciting instalment yet in the long-running renovation reality show

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Phillip Island, Victoria, The Block 2024 is taking on its biggest challenge to date: transforming an entire holiday resort into luxurious family getaways. 

This season, aptly dubbed "Block Island," will see contestants battling not just against each other and the clock, but also against the unique challenges that come with renovating in a coastal environment.

With a mix of fresh faces and returning favourites, a new judging panel, and a location that's sure to inspire, The Block 2024 is poised to captivate audiences across Australia and beyond. 

Let's dive into everything we know so far about The Block Australia 2024, from the contestants and judges to the intriguing location and what we can expect from this milestone season.

When does The Block 2024 start?

While an official premiere date has not been announced, The Block 2024 is expected to begin in early August, following the conclusion of the Olympic Games on August 11th. 

Filming reportedly started on March 1st, with contestants and hosts arriving on location in late February. This timing aligns with previous seasons, which typically air in the latter half of the year.

Given the significance of the 20th season, there's speculation that the premiere might be accompanied by special retrospective episodes or behind-the-scenes content celebrating the show's history. 


Fans should keep an eye on The Block's official social media channels and Channel 9's announcements for the exact premiere date, which is usually revealed a few weeks before the first episode airs.

What is the location for The Block 2024?

the-block-2024-release-date-cast-trailer-gossipThis year, The Block is heading to Phillip Island. Image: Channel 9.


The Block 2024 will take place on Phillip Island, Victoria, about two hours southeast of Melbourne. The show has purchased a 14-year-old holiday resort in Cowes, worth $9.58 million, which will be transformed into luxury family holiday homes. 

This marks a significant departure from previous seasons, which have typically focused on residential properties in urban or suburban settings.

Phillip Island is known for its stunning coastlines, wildlife, and tourist attractions, including little penguins at the famous Penguin Parade. This location offers a unique opportunity for contestants to create holiday homes that blend luxury with the island's natural beauty. 

The resort's proximity to the beach and local attractions will likely play a significant role in the design challenges and property valuations.

The choice of a holiday resort also introduces new elements to the competition, as contestants will need to consider the needs of vacationing families and the potential for rental income in their designs. 

This could lead to some innovative and creative solutions that we haven't seen in previous seasons of The Block.

Is there a trailer for The Block 2024?

Yes, a first-look trailer has been released, revealing that this season is being dubbed "Block Island". The promo hints at jaw-dropping renovations and showcases the stunning coastal location.


Watch: The Block 2024 Trailer. Post continues below.

Video via Channel 9.

Who are The Block 2024 judges?

Shaynna Blaze and Darren Palmer are confirmed to return as judges for The Block 2024. Both have been long-standing fixtures on the show, with Shaynna joining in 2012 and Darren in 2013. 

Their expertise in interior design and renovation has been instrumental in shaping the show's aesthetic standards over the years. 

Joining them is real estate director Marty Fox, who is taking over the final judging role full-time. Fox, known for his sharp business acumen and deep understanding of the property market, made guest appearances in previous seasons. 

His permanent addition to the judging panel is expected to bring a fresh perspective, particularly in assessing the commercial viability of the renovations in a holiday resort context.

It will be interesting to see how Fox's real estate expertise influences the judging criteria and how it might impact the contestants' design choices throughout the season.

Will Neale Whitaker be returning as a judge for The Block 2024?

Neale Whitaker, a beloved figure on The Block since 2010, will not be returning as a full-time judge for the 2024 season. 


This marks a significant change for the show, as Whitaker's discerning eye and eloquent critiques have been a staple of The Block for over a decade.

Whitaker decided to step away from the role to care for his partner David Noavk-Piper, who is unwell.

"Lots of people have been asking me if I’m back on the show this year. I thought now was a good time to answer those questions," Whitaker shared to Instagram.

"In 2023 – as many of you will know – I took a break from The Block to spend more time with my partner David who was dealing with some serious health issues. We all hoped that by this year I would be able to return full-time to the show, but life doesn’t always run to schedule.

"David gets stronger with each passing month, but my decision remains to be at home as much as possible," he added. 

Fans of Whitaker need not despair entirely. He is expected to make special guest appearances throughout the season. 

These appearances could take various forms, such as mentoring sessions with contestants, participating in special challenge judging, or offering expert advice during crucial stages of the renovations.

Who are The Block 2024 contestants?

the-block-2024-release-date-cast-trailer-gossipThe Block 2024 contestants. Image: Channel 9.


Five new couples from across Australia have been selected for The Block 2024, representing a diverse mix of backgrounds and experiences:

Jesse and Paige: The Blue Team

This engaged couple from Western Australia brings youthful energy and ambition to the competition. Jesse works in construction, while Paige is a claims specialist, potentially offering a blend of practical skills and creative flair.

Kristian and Mimi: Purple Team

Newlyweds from South Australia, Kristian and Mimi are likely to bring their fresh marital dynamic to the renovation challenge. Kristian is an electrician, while Mimi is a restaurant manager.


Ricky and Haydn: Yellow Team

Best mates from Victoria, this duo breaks the mould of couples typically seen on The Block. Their friendship dynamic could offer a different approach to problem-solving and teamwork under pressure. Ricky is a plumber while Haydn is an IT worker.

Courtney and Grant: Red Team

This married couple from New South Wales might bring a mix of metropolitan style and practical know-how to their renovations. Courtney is an events account director and furniture designer, while Grand is a landscape business development manager.

Kylie and Brad: Green Team

Married parents from Queensland, Kylie and Brad are likely to approach the competition with a family-oriented perspective, which could be particularly valuable when designing holiday homes. Kylie is a hairdresser and Brad is an electrician and plumber.

Are any ex-contestants returning to The Block 2024?

It it has been reported that fan favourites from previous seasons will be returning to lend a helping hand during this milestone season.

These personalities include:

  • Steph and Gian (2023)
  • Eliza and Liberty (2023)
  • Jimmy and Tam (2020)
  • Alisa and Lysandra (2013, 2014)
  • Ronnie and Georgia (2020, 2021)
  • Michael and Carlene (2014)
  • Kyal and Kara (2014)
  • Tom and Sarah-Jane (2022)
  • Omar and Oz (2022)
  • Dale and Sophie (2012)
  • Andy and Deb (2019)

Is Foreman Keith returning to The Block in 2024?

Keith Schleiger, affectionately known as "The Blockinator," will be stepping down from his role as Foreman for the 2024 season. 

This decision was made as Keith was unable to relocate to Phillip Island full-time for the duration of the filming. 

His absence marks a significant change for the show, as Keith has been a constant presence since 2011, known for his no-nonsense approach and expert guidance.


Taking over the reins as the sole Foreman will be Dan Reilly. 

Dan, a former contestant turned supervisor, has been working alongside Keith for several seasons and is well-prepared to take on this expanded role. 

His familiarity with the show's processes and his experience both as a contestant and a supervisor make him an ideal candidate to lead the construction aspects of the show.

While Keith won't be present full-time, fans will be pleased to know that he is expected to make special guest appearances throughout the season. 

These appearances could involve overseeing particularly challenging builds, offering expert advice, or participating in special episodes.

The Block 2024 houses.

The contestants will be tasked with transforming a rundown holiday park into five luxury family holiday homes. The site includes a pool, tennis court, and 10 buildings, offering plenty of potential for impressive renovations. With its proximity to popular attractions like the Penguin Parade, these holiday homes are sure to be highly sought-after properties.

Feature Image: Instagram @scottycamofficial/Channel 9.

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