Just one small request from The Block's Sara has tipped fans over the edge.

On Tuesday night’s episode of The Block, Sara out Sara-ed herself.

The teams were given a six hour challenge to style a room each, in house that’s for sale.

During the final minutes of the challenge, the flight attendant asked Norm and Jess for some of their flowers.

They very rightly refused.

She then came back a few minutes later and asked Norm to help her carry a heavy bench up the stairs.

Norm being the good bloke that he is, helped her out. Then Hayden followed them up the stairs a few minutes later carrying a few cords.

Fans were not impressed.



On Monday night’s episode, Sara also infuriated fans.

While she was out choosing carpet for her spare room, Sara consulted an outside designer. The Block’s number one rule is “No help from any outside designer”.

When she returned to the Gatwick, a producer asked Sara about the phone call. The flight attendant brushed off the accusation, claiming she must have been speaking to her husband, Hayden, or her “wallpaper lady”. Then she didn’t, erm, buy any wallpaper.

 Jess, Carla and Bianca agreed that Sara had technically “cheated”, but decided not to take it any further because she had already had a tough week.
“They’ve had a really crappy week where their confidence has been ripped from them,” Jess told the camera.
Just another week of drama on The Block.