Would your relationship survive The Block?

As a big fan, I would give anything to go on The Block. But not at the expense of my marriage.

Just in case you don’t already know, I am a Blockaholic. A term given to those who are more than just a fan of the renovating show The Block. So, I watched the inevitable breakdown of Steve and Chantelle’s relationship last night.

The thing is: I knew it was coming. When the show first started it was reported that Steve and Chantelle took a “break” after the show. In other words, they weren’t talking in real life . So I knew their relationship would crumble over the series. Over the last week, I saw the cracks and last night, the big bang as they battled to keep it together and admitted they’re sleeping in separate beds.

Steve and Chantelle trying to keep things together.

It isn't surprising though.

Because reality TV shows are no place for ever lasting love. Steve and Chantelle aren't the only victims.

One of the famous Twins (and my favourite duo), Lysandra Fraser recently split with her husband Ben Stevens. It came after her spending time away from him and the family to do The Block: Sky High and then recommitting to the current series. In addition, from The Block: Sky High former contestants Madi and Jarrod Coppock reportedly divorced following the show.

So why would anyone want to go on shows like The Block? I mean, they compete to go on. Actually, they apply and pray to get through the auditions.

Probably because they become like me. Crazy obsessed with the absolute coolness of the show. Thoughts of "I could do that better" or "My husband and I could so do that" go through your head. And then there is the prize money. Hell, why not suck it up for 9 weeks to get $100,000 richer (and that is conservative)!

Even the rest of the team are worried.

But the real question is: Is your marriage worth more than the prize money?

Because in the case of Steve and Chantelle and the other contestants, that is the question they didn't consider when putting together their audition video.

So, if you are in the reality hype and started to think of applying to be on the next The Block with your loved one, these are the things you need to think about when it comes to your relationship:

1. 24/7.

In REAL life, you probably don't get to see your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend for more than a few hours in the evening during the week (and probably more on the weekends).


In REALITY life, you see them for 24 hours. Each and every day. So, not even taking the pressure into consideration, seeing your loved one this much would bring you to have thoughts of killing them.

2. Decisions, decisions.

In happier times...

In REAL life, you most likely discuss the decisions you are going to make over a lengthy period. My husband and I are planning renovations to our home. And we have been talking about the design of our bathrooms for 6 months.

In REALITY life, you have 5 seconds to argue that bright orange tiles in the bathroom is not better than your choice of charcoal. And let's be honest, no couple agrees on things like that in 5 seconds. Pressure added.

3. Fight, fight, fight!

In REAL life, when you fight with your partner you have no cameras in your face. So you can bring out the mean nasty words, you can yell, you can even walk off without a camera crew running after you. And you can sulk as much you like.

In REALITY life, you have the camera in your face. And the entire crew behind you watching. And all of Australia watching. So you can either go for it and not care what the world will think of you for calling your husband insert multiple expletive words here. Or you can do what Kyal and Kara do by agreeing to disagree after 1 minute of "fighting" and then kiss and make up. Please. No one fights like that.

Oh...and you have to keep playing nice after the fight to keep the show going.

4. Perfect your cry

This is not what you want immortalised forever.

In REAL life, when you cry during and after a fight the only one to see is your partner. And you don't care if they see you ugly cry with mascara running down your face. In fact, it will probably help them feel guilty for making you so upset.

In REALITY life, you really don't want to ugly cry. Your ugly cry will be on You Tube forever. You will need to perfect the one tear and graceful wipe cry.

So if you think you have the above sorted, get your audition tape ready and apply for the next series of The Block.

Oh...and Good Luck.

While you are thinking about that, here is a gallery of all the fabulous rooms from The Block: Fans vs Favs. Click through and enjoy.

Do you think your marriage is strong enough to survive a reality TV show?