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Congratulations are in order for this The Biggest Loser trainer.

Exciting news for one of your The Biggest Loser favourites.

The Biggest Loser trainer Shannan Ponton, 41, has welcomed his second child with his wife Kylie, 35.

The pair had a baby girl named Milla Maree Ponton, who was born on the 28th of November 2014 weighing in at 3kg and measuring 48cm.

Speaking to New Idea magazine, Shannan revealed his joy over having a girl.

“I knew Kylie had her heart set on a girl. As the baby was coming out I was thinking: ‘Please be a girl, please be a girl – otherwise I’m going to have to go into damage control here!’,” Shannan said.

Shannan Ponton.

Shannan and Kylie are already mum and dad to 2-year-old son Maximus.

"When we had Max I looked at her [Kylie] in a whole different light. Things that came second nature to her, I had to learn. Now we’ve had a practice run, we both know what’s going on with Milla," Shannon continued.

"It melts your heart seeing your husband with your little baby, and I think a girl makes him more protective already of her. Seeing that side of him is just beautiful," added Kylie.

Congratulations Shannan and Kylie!

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