Former Biggest Loser contestant says new season's casting is "like a slap in the face".

A former Biggest Loser contestant has slammed the show for sending the wrong message with its choice of contestants in the current series.

Jodie Gormly lost 42kg in just 12 weeks while appearing on The Biggest Loser in 2015.

However, watching the current series has made her feel like that incredible achievement wasn’t good enough.

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Current contestant and primary school teacher Steph’s talk of wanting to trim down ahead of her wedding hit a sore point with Jodie.

As she shared on Facebook, Jodie got married after the show ended – and did so weighing more than Steph’s starting weight of 102kg.

“The Biggest Loser: Transformed made me feel like starting bigger as a contestant that our transformations weren’t good enough,” Jodie wrote.

“Especially when the woman was talking about getting married – when I got married I was bigger than her starting weight.

“Is the show saying I was too big to get married?”

Jodie Gormly on her wedding day after appearing on The Biggest Loser. (Image via Facebook/Jodie Gormly.)

The Newcastle woman told Yahoo7 Be the show made her feel insecure rather than inspired or encouraged.

"It made me feel fat, really, because I wasn’t 102kg when I got married," Jodie said.

"It made me feel like I was too fat to get married, like I wasn’t the ideal bride."

Jodie also labelled 25-year-old Nikki's inclusion a "slap in the face" for her sister, Ali Pestell, whose end weight was the same as the new contestant's starting weight.

"Ali for instance, she started at 132kg and after the show she got down to 78kg and that was a good thing for her," Jodie told Be.

"So to see someone starting at that weight is like a slap in the face for her."

Nikki weighed in at 78kg when the show began. (Image via The Biggest Loser Transformed.)

Jodie had a positive message for contestant Steph and told fellow participants to stay strong and true to themselves during the experience.

She told Steph, "If you feel ready to do it you can get married at any size."

"The TV show isn't real life and those viewers didn't see all sides of my journey. You still have to live your life when the cameras stop rolling."