The Biggest Loser just gave everyone painful flashbacks to high school P.E.

The Beep Test (cue: shivers). It was rolled out in high school PE classes as a certified method of torture way to monitor your physical progress through the school term.

Spare a thought for its most recent victims: the contestants on Tuesday night’s episode of The Biggest Loser Transformed. 

One small, tape-recorded beep was enough to bring them all undone, and we were right there alongside them. Every. Goddamn. Beep. Of. The. Way.  

STOP LOOKING SO SMUG. Image via Channel 10.

See... it's tricky. You start off slow, not caring. Promising yourself you'll go easy on the first one, so you'll be better at the end of term.

Next minute: The beeps are going like crazy; all the adrenaline is in your head; your legs are burning and you are dying inside but you are determined to make it to that stupid yellow line. It's not far. You can do it. But the goddamn beep is so fast now and that high-pitched sound is reverberating through your very bones. 

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It takes under 15 minutes to leave you dead, depleted and thoroughly defeated.

Tonight, we saw the orange team red-faced and doubled over. Heaving with breathlessness. Legs shaking. And all the while, that relentless way-too-cheerful beep continued in the background.


And boy, did we feel their pain...



Really Channel 10? Was that really necessary?

What's your worst memory of the beep test?

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