Host Fiona Falkiner has an important message for the new Biggest Loser contestants.

With the next season of Ten reality weight-loss show The Biggest Loser just around the corner, host and former contestant, Fiona Falkiner has said viewers can expect a new and improved formula. She says the show is now less about weight-loss and more about a healthy mentality.

“It is not based on the numbers on the scale, but it is focusing on the mindset and getting contestants to realise its not about losing the weight but it’s about really prioritising yourself and the stumbling blocks that lead up to weight gain,” Falkiner told the Wentworth Courier last week.

“It gives them the tools to cope with weight loss,” she added.

The Biggest Loser faced a huge amount of criticism and backlash for its weight-loss tactics in recent years, with former contestants and trainers speaking out about the unsustainability of the training.

the biggest loser 2017
The Biggest Loser host and former contestant, Fiona Falkiner. Source: Getty.

Falkiner herself experienced this when after competing in the first season of the show, the weight began to creep back on.

“I came out of the show and went through a bit of a depression and the weight came on really quickly as I wasn’t in the right place mentally or emotionally and it took a few years to figure out what truly made me happy,” she said, adding that it took several years of trial and error, as well as speaking to counsellor to finally overcome the emotional issues attached to her eating issues and develop a healthy relationship to food.

Throwing out the scales, Falkiner says, is the best thing something trying to lose weight can do.

“I stopped weighing myself and dieting. I started doing affirmations, which I practice every day. Taking five minutes out of my day to be grateful for everything I’ve been given and a pat on the back for everything I’ve achieved," she said.

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“And that’s the way I live every day. I don’t train now for the numbers on the scale."

If all contestants on the show can be taught something similar, it really will prove to be a different season.