The one thing First Dates gets right that every other dating show gets wrong.

Have I mentioned lately that I’m a little bit obsessed with First Dates? In case you missed it, the awkwardness and weird and wonderful personalities just make for damn good watching.

But there’s one thing that First Dates do that every other dating show that on our screens – think Married At First Sight and The Bachelor – refuses to.

First Dates gives people a second chance.

On the first episode of the latest season of the show, we met Roxy, a 26-year-old nanny who described herself as “the Bridget Jones of Australia” and who revealed to Barman Cam that despite having been on over 50 dates, she had paid for every single one.

Babe, we've all been there. Image via Channel 7.

She even revealed that her last date had told her she "wasn't pretty" and that she "talks too much". That's not very nice at all, Roxy.

Roxy's mum even had BUSINESS CARDS made up in the hopes that she could pass them out to eligible men.


She had a lovely date with a guy named Aarun... but when he asked for date number two, she said there was no "sexual chemistry".

Our thoughts exactly, Aarun. Image via Channel 7.

But here's the thing: First Dates brought Roxy back for another round. Because everyone deserves a chance a love, right?

And she's not the only one - next week's episode will see 29-year-old Shadi return for a second shot at meeting 'the one'.

Yes, THIS Shadi. Via Channel 7.

"I really genuinely want to find love," Alexander told The Herald Sun of his decision to go on the show.

He revealed that after he was rejected on the show, producers told him they "felt a bit bad" and asked him to come back for another shot.

"I was really excited," he added.

Can you imagine producers taking Matty J aside after his heartbreak and saying "Sorry mate, come back next time, yeah?"

No. All he gets is a downgrade to a two-star hotel, and face full of tears.

So thanks, First Dates, for giving those looking for love a second chance.