The best misheard song lyrics.

You mean to say Billie Jean isn’t a “Batman Lover?”

Ahhh song lyrics. Modern day poetry. Touching. Emotional. Rousing. The connection you feel knowing there is an artist out there who understands how you feel. Except, when you’ve entirely misheard what it is they are ACTUALLY saying.

We’ve all got that one song (or seven, if you’re a little hard of hearing) that’s lyrics we have misheard, just a little. But that little is all it takes. And when you find out you’re wrong, it’s never by reading it in the album cover leaflet (do those still exist?), or hearing a stripped-back acoustic that makes it all a bit more comprehensible.

No, that realisation would be far too gentle.

You’ll be belting it out in the car, consumed with passion and a love of dance, and only then will someone politely humiliate inform you- it is in fact “Love Shack,” not, “Love Cats.”

“Love Cats. Baby, Love CATS!”

As usual, Reddit has delivered the goods, posing the question- What is a famous song lyric that you got wrong for way to long?

The Mamamia Team were asked the same question, and the results are hilarious. Have a look through these to brighten up your day (and make you feel a little better about that time you thought it was “hold be closer Tony Danzer”).

Bon Jovi the exhibitionist. 

“Bon Jovi – Living On A Prayer ‘It doesn’t make a different if we’re naked or not.'”

T-Swizz making a capitalist statement?

“Got a lotta Starbucks lovers…”

Bruno Mars is all about female sexual empowerment.

“This one for them hood girls, them hood girls, straight masturbatin’!”


Apparently the Doobie Brothers were really into 60s Surf-Pop.

“Give me the BEACH boys, and free me soul.”

Hey- Love Shacks, Groove Huts- what’s the difference?

“My boyfriend thought ‘Groove is in the Heart’ was ‘Groovers in the Hut’. He thought it was just about people grooving, in a hut.

Well, you’re not technically wrong there.

“I guess the rain’s down in Africa. There’s nothing that a million men on Mars could ever doooooooo.”

To be fair, smart phones can do pretty much everything these days.

“My friend thought ‘Fly Away on my Zephyr’, was ‘Fly Away on my Cell Phone.'”

Manfred Mann after dark.

“And Little Early Birdy Gave My Anus Curly Wurly and asked me if I needed a ride.”

I can’t get you off my mind.

“Chuck, Chuck, Chuckie. Say you, say you, say you feel the same.”

Don’t be messing with those ducks. Especially if they’re from Hazum.

“My mom is notorious for mishearing song lyrics and things of that nature. In Another Brick in the Wall (pt.2?) when it goes ‘Dark Sarcasm,’ my mom always heard ‘Ducks of Hazum’ Like, how do you even mix that up? Who sings about ducks? And what the hell is Hazum?”

That Jason, he’s a bad egg.

“Don’t go Jason Waterfalls.”

Come on, hit us with it. What is your most ridiculous misheard song lyric?

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