'Not to be dramatic, but I’ve just found the best everyday foundation, ever. And it’s $16.'

I've been meaning to tell you about this for yonks, now. But I kept it to myself. What a jerk! Apologies.

But Lordy, it's good. It's new, too. And I've pretty much used it every single day since it slipped across my desk.

Ooft. Are you excited? Wanna know more?? Don't really care???

Alright, alright - I'll tell you.

It's Rimmel London Kind & Free Moisturising Skin Tint.

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You can grab it for $16 at Chemist Warehouse (sometimes $10 when there's a sale on - which is pretty much... always) or chuck it in with your taco kit at Woolworths - and it's the best, most affordable everyday foundation that you need to try. Immediately.

Aside from all the other everyday foundations I've now forgotten about (#RIP), this is my favourite. 

It's my new Holy Grail, you guys. Can't stop talking about it. Brought it to Show & Tell the other week.

This is what it looks like:

So kind! So free! So cheap!


Cute, huh?

The range has a total of 12 shades - I'm a 10 Rose Ivory, in case that matters to anyone.

Okay. What's so good about it. Huh? HUH?

It's so incredibly underrated. And SO cheap! 

Sheer, glowy, and skin-like. It's not too thick, and totally buildable (doesn't go cakey) if you're after more coverage. It also feels super comfortable and lightweight on your skin - nothing like that heavy, mask-like feeling you get with so many others.

You'll find that everything looks more even, healthy and fresh - but I love how you're still able to see freckles and stuff underneath.

Trust me - it just makes your skin look... better.  

Also! The ingredients. 

It contains some good things that take care of your skin, like vitamin E (antioxidant) and pro-vitamin B5 (protects the skin and prevents irritation). It makes my dry face feel moisturised and happy during the day.

It's pretty long-lasting, too. 

While it does show some usual signs of wear and tear at the end of the day (usually around my nose, because it likes to have constant contact with a tissue), my skin never feels tight or flaky.

I usually apply it with my fingers, or just use a damp buffing brush and blend it all in - working from the centre of my face, outwards. And woah - it's lovely and silky and even.

I know I'm mainly speaking from the dry skin camp, rather than the oily/combo skin camp, but I reckon it's a really good option for pretty much anyone looking for an easy formula to just slap on and go.

What does it look like on your skin?

Look, I'm wearing it here:

Glowy McGlowface!


And here:

And again!

And in pretty much every picture I've taken in the last three months.

ANYWAY, I really like it - and I think you might, too. 

So, if you're looking for a new everyday formula that doesn't cost a helluva lot of money, trying this would be a pretty good idea, indeed. 

Let me know how you go, yeah?

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Have you tried this Rimmel Kind & Free foundation before? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature Image: Supplied/Mamamia.

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