Party inspo: The best celebrity Halloween costumes of all time.

As if it’s not enough that they get to dress up for the red carpet, dress up for film roles, and dress up on photo-shoots…

One Halloween, my boyfriend went wearing a box that he drew wheels on, and taped a picture of Sandra Bullock to the front. He was the bus from Speed.

Celebrities do not wear cardboard boxes on Halloween. They do not go as the bus from Speed.

This is not a costume.

They go as sexy Alice in Wonderland, sexy Dorothy, sexy zombies and sexy witches.

Sometimes, though, they really pull out all the stops.

Noted Halloween lover Heidi Klum is a prime example. She doesn’t care about looking sexy, she cares about pulling off the most authentic old lady, ape, or butterfly ever.

We gathered together some of Hollywood’s finest Halloween moments. And yes, Heidi features heavily.

Click through our celebrity Halloween gallery…

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