The best baby hairstyles (and haircut meltdowns).

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My bouncing baby boy was born without hair, not one whisper.

So when locks of his blonde hair came through to resemble a receding hairline I wanted to do something about it.

I took him to the hairdressers and tried to get him one of those funky baby hairstyles or at least a neat and tidy hair-do.

After ten minutes of cold-blooded screaming in our local cheap cuts salon I gave up.

“Was that your son screaming?” a random person said, who appeared awfully close to me.

I nodded and explained I was attempting his first haircut.

“I worked with babies and I have never heard anything like that,” she said shaking her head.

“I’m glad he’s okay,” and she walked off.

Our second attempt was a little better, we talked about some hairstyles with the hairdresser and my son actually got a cut that resembled what we discussed.

I was so proud, he had one of the best baby hairstyles, ever.

But the cut marked the end of his baby days. He looked like a little boy.

If I had my time over, I wouldn’t have rushed to get his hair cut. He could have been a baby for just a little longer.

But in case you are in the market to find the best baby hairstyles (or haircut meltdowns), you really can’t beat these:


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Somebody got his first haircut today. (Hint: It wasn’t Matt ????)

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