We need to talk about The Baker and The Beauty, the new soap I binged in 4 hours.

This week, I found myself aimlessly scrolling through all the major streaming services in the same way I open my fridge: hoping for a tasty, bingeable snack I haven’t already consumed to magically appear.

Like most of us, I’d already wolfed down the likes of Normal People, Ozark Season 3, Unorthodox, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Upload and Tiger King, and was hungry for more.

Thankfully, I decided to take a chance on Stan’s new series The Baker and The Beauty. I devoured it in four hours.

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Video via Stan

It might not look like much, but this soapy rom com had me at forbidden romance. And pastries.

In the first episode (which, honestly, starts off a touch cheesy but gets better as it goes on), we meet the close-knit Garcia family.

Parents Mari and Rafael Garcia (Lisa Vidal and Carlos Gómez) run a Miami bakery with the help of their kids Daniel, Mateo and Natalie. They also live together and are 100 per cent in each other’s business, which is why eldest son Daniel (Victor Rasuk) cops a number of intrusive questions when he and his long-term girlfriend Vanessa (Michelle Veintimilla) head to a super fancy restaurant for their fourth anniversary.

There, to the sound of an acoustic guitarist playing Taylor Swift, Vanessa, a career-driven and independent woman, proposes. Only, things get awkward when Daniel says no.

Daniel ends up walking home from the nightmarish evening, his shirt covered in what’s left of the bowl of soup that was thrown in his lap. Along the way, he’s picked up by an Australian international superstar, fashion icon and philanthropist Noa Hamilton (played by Aussie actress Nathalie Kelley from Vampire Diaries and Dynasty), who happened to be at the restaurant when things went down.

Noa invites Daniel to a string of A-list parties and clubs, and the rest is history. By history, I’m referring to overseas trips on private jets (pre-covid, of course), hiding from the paparazzi and so much family drama.

the baker and the beauty
Seriously, LOOK at these two. Image: Stan.

Be warned, The Baker and The Beauty is highly bingeable. Dangerously so. Sure, it's cheesy and soapy, but it's also a bit sexy and offers a part-Jane the Virgin, part-Notting Hill vibe that goes down on the couch with a packet of chips far too easily.

The show, which is actually a remake of an Israeli series called Lehiyot Ita, even has an IMDb rating of 7.1. And you can mostly guarantee anything on the movie and TV database above a seven is not pure trash.

You should know, the plot is deeply problematic. For example, the way Daniel, who at first seems to be a commitment phobe, chucks his girlfriend after leading her on for years, only to instantly fall in love with a beautiful, wealthy stranger, troubles me.

But do we really need our TV rom coms to be morally acceptable? No. It just gets in the way of the attractive people doing bad things.

In short, The Baker and The Beauty is not the most ground-breaking TV show of our time. But it will suck you into a world of glitz, drama, sex and food, which is kind of perfect.

The only downside? Having to wait for the episodes to drop week-by-week. Luckily for you, there's already four episodes ready and waiting for your viewing pleasure.

Feature image: Stan.

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