The Bachelor's Nikki and Alex publicly communicate for the first time since the show ended.

It was only a month ago that Nikki Gogan took that fateful step out of a limousine in Bali, only to be told by Richie that she wasn’t the one he loved. Instead, he chose Alex Nation, a 25-year-old mum of one from Melbourne.

While Nikki and Alex appeared close on the show, supporting each other despite the fact that they were the obvious favourites, we all assumed that having your heart broken on national television would take its toll. Surely they couldn’t maintain a friendship after the show – with Alex pursuing a relationship with a man Nikki told Australia she loved.

But alas, our Instagram stalking skills suggest there’s no bad blood between the two.


Nikki's comment on Alex's photo. Image via Instagram.

On Monday, Alex uploaded a photo of herself with her five-year-old son Elijah, with the caption: "@richie_strahan you aren't the only cutie that can hand out a rose."

I have to admit, I would definitely accept a rose from Elijah.

"I melt," commented Nikki, with a fitting love-heart-eyes emoji.

It's interesting that Nikki chose to comment on a picture that clearly referenced Richie and the show, but hey, she's a bloody classy lady.

@richie_strahan you aren't the only cutie that can hand out a rose ????

A photo posted by alexandra nation (@alexandranation) on


Alex responded to Nikki's comment, writing "can't wait for you to meet this little guy one day."

And it turns out there's someone else who hasn't met Elijah yet - Richie. In response to a number of comments asking about whether Richie and Elijah had met, Alex wrote, "My two handsome boys are still yet to meet.. however, I just know with my whole heart that Richie will be awesome."

Later she continued, "When Elijah meets Richie that will be a very special moment for us, it's something that we don't want to rush and it's important to us that we wait until the time is right."

We're glad to see Nikki and Alex maintaining the friendship they shared on the show, despite the whole dating-and-kissing-the-same-guy-on-TV thing.

My only question is: If Nikki's going to meet Elijah, and Richie's going to meet Elijah - can...can I meet Elijah? To be honest, he just seems really cute.