The Bachelor's Keira and Alex posed for a friendly photo, and were hit with an angry backlash.

During filming of The Bachelor, it was safe to say that Keira Maguire and Alex Nation were polar opposites.

While Keira didn’t “like it,” and was outspoken and opinionated about her issues with the other contestants and the show itself, Alex was agreeable and focused on one thing only: Richie.

Ultimately, Alex walked away with the Bachie-Man, but Keira has won fans all over the country for her candid and hilarious commentary.

Now, the two appear to have struck up a friendship, meeting in Melbourne over the weekend and wearing matching chokers.

Keira shared a video on Instagram of the two holding their Francesca Collections bags, with the caption: ‘Best time with you yesterday @alexandranation.’

Of course, when two ex-Bachelor contestants strike up a somewhat unlikely friendship, people have a lot to say. And when it came to Keira and Alex, they didn’t hold back.

“Chokers!?!” commented one user. “As in women getting choked!? Well done ladies. Way to be progressive.”


Uhhh, wow.

Other commenters seemed to find something unsettling about the two, writing “what is this,” “ew ew ew,” and “oh lol the fakery.”

Meanwhile, Keira, 29, and Alex, 25, appeared to be having nothing but fun.

In recent weeks, Keira has been catching up with other ex-Bachelor contestants, meeting up with intruder Steph Dixon over the weekend.

Alex, on the other hand, has been flying between Melbourne and Perth, visiting Richie.

Come on babe, keep up ????

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According to The Daily Mail, Keira and Alex’s choker photo is a sign of what’s to come, with Francesca Collections confirming that Keira is in talks with Hannah and Rachel Vasicek, the women behind the brand, to design her own choker.

They certainly were her trademark on the show.

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