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All the couples from The Bachelors Australia who have broken up and why.

In the world of reality TV relationships, The Bachelor has long been synonymous with the search for love. But beyond the glitz, glamour, and romantic dates, lies a less explored narrative – the breakups and heartaches that often follow the final rose ceremony.

While viewers often get swept up in whirlwind romances and fairy-tale proposals, the reality is that many of these relationships face challenges that are not typically captured by the cameras. The journey from televised romance to real-life relationships is fraught with unique pressures and expectations.

Here are The Bachelor Australia breakups from previous seasons and the couples who have delved into the other side of the rose.

Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge.

Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge's relationship began in a maelstrom of controversy, a narrative twist that no one saw coming. After the dramatic finale of The Bachelor Australia, where Blake proposed to Sam Frost only to later end the relationship, he found love with Louise, the second runner-up. This unexpected turn of events sparked widespread public debate and media frenzy.

The situation was unique, challenging the typical fairy-tale ending expected from the show. 

Blake Garvey and Louise Pillidge. Image: Network 10.


In 2016, the 33-year-old auctioneer told New Idea that he and his fitness blogger girlfriend had been unhappy for a long time. Pillidge also revealed to New Idea that she has always been unhappy with how things started.

"We were walking on eggshells around each other, always trying to say the right thing," Blake Garvey said on why he ended his relationship with Louise Pillidge. "It was suffocating," he added.

Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod.

In the 2019 season of The Bachelor, astrophysicist Matt Agnew chose Chelsie McLeod as his final date. But six months after dating, their relationship ended.

The pair announced their split on Instagram on November 17 of the same year.


Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod. Image: Network 10.

"Chels and I have made some beautiful memories together that I’ll always cherish, and I wish her nothing but the absolute best," Matt wrote on his Instagram post.

"However, it’s with a heavy heart that I write this. For Chels and me, our relationship hasn’t translated from filming to the real, every day world as we had hoped."


Chelsie has also posted on her Instagram confirming the split.

"Matt showed me what it was like to be respected in a relationship and I am so thankful for that. However, it saddens me to say that we are no longer together.

"I wish him nothing but the best. I’m sorry to those that were invested in our relationship. Please remember to be kind online as you don’t know what is going on behind the screen. All my love."

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Prior to their breakup, the fans of the pair noticed the two didn't seem to spend much time together based on their social media activity.

Richie Strahan and Alex Nation.

Although Richie Strahan finished third in Sam Frost's season, he got a second chance at finding love with Alex Nation.

In the 2016 finale, Richie chose Alex and handed her a promise ring. But the pair split up a year later.

While the details of their split were not revealed, the couple ended up on Bachelor in Paradise together in 2019 and discussed how their long-distance romance affected them both.

Richie Strahan and Alex Nation. Image: Network 10.


In a previous interview with MamamiaAlex Nation opened up about what it was like speaking to Richie for the first time in over a year on national television. 

"It was a bit awkward at first," Alex told Mamamia.

"I never thought that I’d be in that position. We didn’t speak for a year and a half. We just stopped having contact with each other I suppose," she explained.

"My way of dealing with [the breakup] was to shut it off and just completely remove myself from the situation.

"That conversation that we did have with each other, it did need to happen. After having that conversation, I feel like I can get that closure that I needed – and I think he did too."


Felix Von Hofe and Jessica Navin.

Here's a little background on how Felix Von Hofe and Jessica Navin met and started their relationship: Felix was instantly captivated by one contestant named Jess Navin who was in a polyamorous relationship at the time. Jess ended up leaving her boyfriend for Felix during the season finale.

Felix Von Hofe and Jessica Navin. Image: 10 Play.


But not long after, the couple announced they broke up by quietly confirming to 10 Play that they've gone their separate ways. 

Jed McIntosh and Alesia Delaney.

Jed and Alesia are one of the "successful" couples on The Bachelors Australia 2023. Jed initially said they were still together and "in a really good place" after popping the question to Alesia in the finale, even though Alesia was clear that she didn't want that.

Jed McIntosh and Alesia Delaney. Image: Network 10.


But two weeks after the season finale, Jed stated the pair are "not currently in a relationship" but are "continuing to grow together".

On one of Jed's Instagram Q&A's, he discussed their relationship and how they dealt with not being able to see each other every day once filming ended. 

"What a question. I can't dodge it," he said when a follower asked about their relationship. 

"I think it's something so foreign to each of us and anyone [who has] engaged in a relationship through the ins and outs of meeting on a show [and] having a gap in between it airing and not being able to see each other... So we're sort of learning as we go."

Jed clarified that even though Alesia and him are no longer an official couple, she remains his top priority.

Thomas Malucelli and Leah Cummings.

Thomas and Leah hit it off right away on The Bachelors Australia 2023, so it's no surprise when Thomas dropped down on one knee during the finale.

Thomas Malucelli and Leah Cummings. Image: 10 Play.


However, months after the last episode aired, he and Leah announced their amicable breakup because "staying together was not the right decision."

"We had an amazing time together, and we spent incredible moments together on the show and also after the show… but we realised, spending time together, we had lots of love and care for each other but we weren’t compatible and compatibility is so important," Thomas told 10 Play.

"I'm devastated to this day I didn’t get what I wanted from it, but I also found so much more from it," Leah added. 

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