Does Sam Frost choose the wrong man in The Bachelorette finale?

In the dawn of finale week on The Bachelorette, ‘friends’ and sources close to Sam Frost have come out of hiding to start the rumour mill running.

Frost may have put heartbreak behind her from being publicly humiliated after The Bachelor, when Blake Garvey proposed and then left her to be with another contestant. But now sources are saying she may do the exact same thing during the final.

So far, we’ve been told that Frost proposes and that she thinks she’s chosen the wrong man – sound familiar?

Rumours are starting about The Bachelorette already. Image via @fro01 Instagram.

"She’s told us that she picked the wrong guy – she’s really kicking herself," a 'friend' of Frost's' told New Idea. "She broke down last week and told us she’s made a terrible mistake."

This apparent 'friend' told the magazine that Frost has admitted to her that she thinks she chose the winner of the show based on lust, not necessarily love potential.

"She’s torn between two lovers – the guy she picked and the guy she has secret feelings for. It’s a nightmare for her," she told New Idea.

Who are the two do you think? Image via @bacheloretteau Instagram.

The rumours are slightly confusing, after Frost spoke on KIIS FM recently saying that she didn't understand how Blake could've done what he did. "I knew pretty quickly [who I was going to choose] and I am so happy with my decision...I don't understand Blake's 'confusion'," she said.

She told radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O that since filming ended, she hasn't met up with the winner secretly because they don't want to risk anyone finding out. But she has revealed her and her chosen man have been having a lot of sex and exchange how much they love each other on a daily basis.

If the rumours turn out to be true, we think it's time for Frost to re-evaluate her friendship circle...

Who do you think wins? And do you think the rumours are true?

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