There was a clue that gave away The Bachelorette winner a week ago. And we all missed it.

Ah, hindsight. It’s a blessing, isn’t it?

Since Stu Laundy was crowned the king of Sophie Monk’s heart on last night’s The Bachelorette finale, we’re all seeing things a little more clearly.

Like, for example, the now obvious clues that pointed to the winner all along.

Last week, Stu shared an Instagram post of himself with fellow final contestants, Apollo Jackson and Jarrod Woodgate. At first glance, we shrugged it off. But now, we realise the answer to who Sophie was going to choose was right in front of us. Smack bang in the middle.

Literally, the winner spoiled his own show long before another, ahem, digital publication.

????Introducing Sophie’s top 3.???? #BacheloretteAU

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Anyone worth their weight in Bachelor conspiracy theories know the contestant standing in the middle of the final three photos is always the winner. Well, not always.

But if we take a stroll down memory lane, it has happened the last two times.

First, in Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor with winner, Alex Nation standing between Olena Khamula and Nikki Gogan.

And more recently, we saw Laura Byrne between Elise Stacy and Tara Pavlovic from Matty Johnson’s season.


Looks like the devil really is in the details. Maybe.

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