Matty J might have just revealed who won The Bachelorette on live radio.

If you’re anything like me, today cannot go by fast enough.

Because tonight is the night we finally find out which lucky man has won The Bachelorette. 

Bachelorette Georgia Love has chosen Matty J and Lee as the final two contenders for her heart. In the lead-up to tonight’s final episode, both suiters have been doing their fair share of press.

The final two were interviewed on KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning, where Matty may have accidentally revealed himself as the winner.

Trying to catch the men off-guard, Jackie asked the men if they were familiar with Georgia Love’s code name for the winner.

“Does the name Michael mean anything to you?” Jackie asked.

A smirk crept over Matty’s face.

“He was runner-up last year,” Matty said quickly.

“No not Turnbull,” Kyle said. “Jackie, I know what you’re doing.”

Just look at that smirk! Image via Twitter (@kyleandjackieo)

"I'm lost," Lee said via videolink.

"Go on," Matty said.

"The code name  - Michael," Jackie persisted.

"I'm lost," Matty said.

"You're good, you're good," Jackie said.

While both guys played it cool, the smirk on Matty's face was undeniable.

We can't wait to officially find out who has won Georgia over  tonight on The Bachelorette, airing at 7.30pm on Channel 10.