You can now download The Bachelorette's "boy band" song. Oh, joy.

Prepare yourself for some interesting facial expressions and a strong desire to never admit the lyrics are pretty catchy.

The Bachelorette‘s final five — Lee, Courtney, Cam, Matty J and Jake — have released a pop song after Wednesday night’s ‘boy band’ challenge was taken too far.

Now uploaded to Twitter, the song is downloadable for all those die-hard fans who are keen on a band that blends the boppy beats of One Direction with the lyricism of The Wiggles.

The first verse, performed by Lee and Courtney, discusses change — then launches into a truly tender metaphor.

“You’re the butter to my knife,” they sing.



If you can’t quite stomach the thought of listening to the song again, here are the lyrics in their entirety:

“Time for a leap of faith
Time to change my life
Start to realise
You’re the butter to my knife
Outside my comfort zone
Love’s never been so blind
Time to follow my heart
Stop thinking with my mind
Cause you’ve got me breaking all of my rules
And I just can’t think of anyone
But you

Listen: The Bach Chat team discusses tonight’s episode. (Post continues after audio.)

“Running out of time, make the most of what’s before me,
Searching for a sign to lead me to the end of the rose,
I know we found love, following my heart so blindly,
Hoping that the stars, will lead me to the end of the rose.
I know we found love
Following my heart so blindly
Hoping that this path
Will lead me to the end of the rose
Oh…Oh.. End of the Rose
Oh…Oh.. End of the Rose

“All my life I’ve waited for years
Hearing your voice
It’s music to my ears
From the first moment
You entered my life
Just one hope – we’d be husband and wife
That first night
So lost in your eyes
I remember feeling so nervous and surprised
We’ve grown beyond what anyone knows
Hoping it will take us to the end of the rose”

Matty J and Jake end the song with a casual reference to marriage because that’s what good guys do. Amirite?!

“You entered my life. Just one hope – we’d be husband and wife,” they sing/rap.

Life. Wife. We see what you did there, guys, and we’re Georgia Love-ing it.

Feature image via Twitter/Network.

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