Uh-oh. The Bachelorette's Sam might have just spoiled the show's ending.

Be warned: if you still believe in true television love, look away now. Potential spoilers ahead.

Filming has wrapped on The Bachelorette 2016. All the roses have been given out, and Georgia Love has (presumably) chosen her perfectly chiselled forever man.

We couldn’t even guess who it is at this point, but thanks to a seemingly innocent social media post spotted by Famous, we may know who it isn’t.

Sam. Sam Johnston. The 27-year-old undercover model with the divisive personality and less-divisive physique:

The spoiler has come via a woman named Angie, who recently shared a photograph on Instagram of herself and the Sydney man side-by-side at Randwick Race Course.

She captioned the image: “When Bae invites you to the races.”

Her friends/followers then responded: “cuties”, “Yess!!” and “Incredible profile!”.

Take from that what you will. But note the lack of: “Omg. I can’t believe you met him”/ “What’s he like in real life?”/”Did you touch his pecs?” etc.

The mysterious Angie could simply be a fan, of course. Or she could be a close friend. But she could also be Sam's actual, legitimate, official missus.


Lord knows, the sparkie doesn't have much of one with Georgia, so let's hope there's some electricity between this pretty pair.

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