When it comes to who's playing her, Georgia Love knows more than we give her credit for.

In the last few weeks, The Bachelorette‘s Sam and Rhys have managed to develop their own secondary plot line in the quest for Georgia Love’s heart.

You see, neither of them has any idea what show they’re on, so they’ve focused almost exclusively on battling each other.

Sam does impersonations of Rhys, and baits him about his poetry, and Rhys genuinely dislikes Sam. It’s weird.

Until now, we assumed Georgia was unaware of the dynamics between the two. But in a Facebook live with the Herald Sunshe was directly asked whether she could see through Sam and Rhys.

While harsh, Sam's commentary of Rhys is also hilarious. Image via Channel 10.

"What you guys are seeing and what I'm seeing now sitting down and watching it, is really all when I'm not there," she began.

"So what I was seeing from them is really quite different."

Yet it was around this time in the competition that Georgia started to notice something was off.

"But I mean, you could see it last night," she explained. "I started seeing this competition thing with Rhys, trying to throw other people under the bus."

Georgia and Rhys spending one-on-one time together. Image via Channel 10.

Indeed, last night's conversation between Rhys and Georgia — where Rhys told her some people in the house weren't there for the right reasons — was particularly tense.

She asked him who, specifically, he was referring to, but he was quick to say it would "go against me" (HUH?) to say. Rhys told Georgia that while he's very honest, he couldn't do that to the other guys.

Yeah that makes no sense. Image via Channel 10.

It's an odd strategy — to place a seed of doubt in someone's mind and then refuse to confirm or deny their suspicions. As Georgia eloquently said last night, someone who actually cared about her would be looking out for her, and want to warn her about anyone who wasn't there for the right reasons.

While describing Rhys' competitiveness, the 27-year-old told the Herald Sun "that comes up again tonight as well."



I really want to see Georgia smack Rhys down for caring far more about the guys in the house than he does about her.

Georgia finished her response to the question by saying, "So I started seeing things I wasn't too sure about." This definitely seems to confirm our suspicions that she's onto Rhys - she knows there's a strategy behind his hint there are people on the show she shouldn't trust.

What Georgia didn't mention, however, was Sam.

Perhaps she's unaware that literally all Sam talks about is Rhys? Perhaps she doesn't know that Sam is entirely convinced he's on Survivor, and seems totally unaware of her existence?

But something tells us she's onto him, too.

Maybe we'll just have to wait for that showdown.