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NO WAY: The Bachelorette's Rob used to date a former Married at First Sight contestant. 

Attention: we have important Australian reality TV cross-over news that you may or may not want to sit down for.

One of the men vying for Ali Oetjen’s heart on The Bachelorette used to date one of the women on last year’s season on Married At First Sight.

(Because the pool of Australians willing to subject themselves to the oftentimes humiliating experience of attempting to find love on national TV is small, people. Real small.)

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Yes, Rob Colangelo, who has already caught the eye of Ali, used to date Carly Bowyer, who appeared on last season’s MAFS and was paired with “millionaire” Justin Fischer, before later dating (for a short time) fellow contestant Troy Delmege.

How do we know this? Well, there’s photographic evidence on Rob’s Instagram.

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Derby day with my girl!

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Way back in 2013 these two were totally an item.

Of course, things didn’t work out. And after his ex turned to the expertise of reality TV in the hopes of finding love, Rob, perhaps inspired, did the same.

Let’s see if things work out any better for Rob.