The Bachelorette's Rhys Chilton just took a big swipe at Georgia Love.

Oh lordy.

Despite being unceremoniously booted from The Bachelorette last night, Rhys Chilton is still calling out Georgia Love’s method of finding “the one”.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph following the Wednesday night eviction, the part-time model and entrepreneur explained, “She made a point of giving up her career to finding the one, which I would never do.”

Rhys Chilton on The Bachelorette. Source: Channel 10.

(We know, Rhys. We watched you on the show. And aside from taking your top off and reading terrible poems aloud, it doesn't seem like there's much you'd do for love, to be quite honest.)

"I think I am open to finding the one, which is a more realistic approach," the 29-year-old went on.

We'll just leave this here... Source: Channel 10.

And because he hadn't slung enough mud Georgia during his Luna Park dumping, the Queenslander continued, “It would have been nice to get some actual one on one time with her. I felt like the date was a bit of a stitch up.”

I mean, aren't all dates that end with you being dumped fundamentally a bit of a stitch up? They're just a polite formality that allows us to tell our parents we handled it appropriately, aren't they?

Master dater and poet-in-waiting, Rhys. Source: Channel 10

Making his feelings of frustration known during his first and last double date with Georgia, Rhys admitted, "If this was the outside world, I would have walked away."

So naturally, she called his bluff and forced him to walk away. Because that's how you master the woman on top, ladies.

Let's all bow down to Georgia Love, for calling bullshit when she sees it and refusing to waste her time.

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