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Mamamia recaps The Bachelorette: WE HAVE OURSELVES A FLIRTING SCANDAL.

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Jamie-Lee has finally landed a single date.

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For their first single date, Brooke and Jamie-Lee have trekked to the top of the Sydney Tower Eye, where a rogue Osher is waiting for them with a challenge.

"This is very exciting," Osher announces.

"Today, you have the chance to attempt to set the world record for the longest on-screen TV kiss." 

As Osher reminded us all, The Bachelor's Sam Wood and contestant Nina Rolleston broke the very same world record on the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2015.

Their record? Four minutes and 10 seconds.


As Osher and a Guinness World Record adjudicator stand awkwardly in the corner, Brooke and Jamie-Lee proceed to kiss for five minutes.


Yes, that a timer in the corner. Image: Channel 10.


"Don't mind me." Image: Channel 10.

Later that night, Brooke presents Jamie-Lee with a certificate for their new world record. (Okay, but what if they don't make it to the end? Can you imagine anything more awkward than sharing a kissing world record with your ex?)

"I'm happy I'm here. I'm happy we are where we are," Jamie-Lee tells her.

"I know exactly what I want in a partner. I just want someone to be my best friend. And if I am one day lucky enough to call you my partner, I'll feel incredible."

Brooke gives her a rose, and they share... yet another kiss.

Back at the mansion, the contestants have been invited to a garden party group date.

Unlike previous group dates, every single contestant has been invited, which feels... suspicious.


After being completely blindsided by Carissa last night, it turns out that Brooke has decided to bring in the big guns.

Yep, it's time for a lie detector test.


Due to *gestures broadly at everything*, human lie detector Steve is reading each of the contestants over Zoom, which feels... risky. Everyone knows that it's impossible to read body language over Zoom, Steve. 

"Are you here for the right reasons or?" Image: Channel 10.

As the day goes by, most of the contestants pass with flying colours.

But then Timm 2.0 is asked if there is anyone in the group who isn't in the competition for the right reasons.

And he has gossip.

"There's one guy in here who hasn't had much time with Brooke and for that reason, they've diverted away from getting to know Brooke," he says.

"I'm talking about Ryan. He's told me he's here for Brooke, but he has also been spending a lot of time with Jamie-Lee.

"I've seen them sitting next to each other a lot. I've seen hugs. And I think because of that, everyone is kind of speculating that maybe they have a thing.

"[My gut feeling is that] Ryan does have feelings for Jamie-Lee."

Despite all that, Timm 2.0 claims that the flirting is basically one-sided. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

"I think [Jamie-Lee] thinks that they're just good friends," he says.

After finishing his chat with Steve, Jamie-Lee begins grilling Timm 2.0.

"When he asked about everyone else in here, did you give any names?" she asks him.

"I told him that there may have been body language to suggest that Ryan was into you," he responds. 


Ooft. Image: Channel 10.

This is awkward. Image: Channel 10.

It's time for Ryan's lie detector interview.

And yes, Steve is going straight for the juicy questions.

He asks Ryan about his relationship with Jamie-Lee, while Ryan shifts awkwardly in his chair.


Oh sh*t. Image: Channel 10.

Later on, Brooke meets with Steve. 

Steve tells her that there are lots of genuine people in the group that she could potentially fall in love with. 

Well, besides Ryan.

"It's obvious to me that Ryan might like Jamie-Lee," he tells her.

Image: Channel 10.


This is not going to end well.


After Brooke arrives, Jamie-Lee immediately takes her for a chat.

"I'm not here for drama or anyone else. If you think that anyone out there compares to you, then that is so wrong," Jamie-Lee tells her. 

"I'm here for you, Brooke."

Brooke tells Jamie-Lee that she believes her, but things are still... tense.

It's time for the rose ceremony. And with a rose in hand, Jamie-Lee is already safe.

Carpenter Konrad gets a rose. Luca gets a rose. And Timm 2.0 gets a rose.

Jessica and Ryan are sent packing.

As Jessica and Ryan leave, Brooke gathers with the contestants.

Image: Channel 10.

"Honestly, tonight was a total mind f**k," she tells them. 

"I don't want to have to do that again. I feel like I'm questioning a lot of things."

Oh s**t.


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