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HOLY OSHER: New Zealand has two Bachelorettes and one of them just pulled a Honey Badger.


Last night in New Zealand, the final episode of the very first season of The Bachelorette aired. And it was… A LOT.

Firstly, there were two bachelorettes. And secondly, one of them pulled a Honey Badger and picked precisely no one.

WATCH: The NZ Bachelorette teasing a second bachelorette. Post continues below.

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Let’s first recap, because you probably don’t know much about this season.

While the Kiwis have aired three previous seasons of The Bachelor, this was their very first season of The Bachelorette.

For the first few weeks, the season focused on 32-year-old Dr Lesina Nakhid-Schuster’s search for love. Then during one Sunday night episode, there was a ~big reveal~ in the form of 23-year-old Lily McManus… a second bachelorette.


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Y’all mind if I join this nationally televised tonsil hockey tournament? When I was asked to do this show, woman empowerment was always a main priority of mine. The show had to be about two women raising each other up and supporting one another through such a wild experience. Lesina is a GREAT mate of mine and the amount of support we have been able to offer each other throughout this makes my brain melt in the best possible way. We are two very different women, who are looking for two very different things. There are so many different ways of being a woman in this day and age and to me that is the most exciting thing. It’s amazing to see this franchise represent a woman like myself who isn’t ready for marriage and kids and show that a relationship without these things is still worthy and valid. No matter how this show is edited I can assure you there is no man worth getting in between mine and lesinas bromance. Am I terrified to watch myself pull the small organ in which is my heart, out of my chest and show it to The whole of New Zealand? Yes. Am I going to do it in the most lily way possible? Also yes. Our route is defiantly unconventional, yet I still wouldn’t have had it any other way @dr_lesina Will we find our dream men? Will we choose no one and start dating each other? Will I remember all of their names? How many times can I say “shit” on Tv? Only one way to find out. @thebachelorette_nz 7.30 on @tvnz.official

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Lily is a recognisable face in the country, having been a fan favourite in the country’s third season of The Bachelor, where she was dumped in the final episode. She went on to star in the US spinoff The Bachelor Winter Games, meeting Australian Courtney Dober (from Georgia Love’s season of our Bachelorette), whom she dated for a while. More recently, she appeared on NZ show Celebrity Treasure Island and now… she’s bachelorette #2.

For the past few weeks, both ladies have been dating over 20 men and handing out less and less roses until it came down to their final two.

Lily had to choose between Wanaka-based clothing designer Richie Boyens and bartender Jesse Williamson. While Lesina told food technology teacher, Aaron McNabb, on their final date that she wouldn’t be taking anyone to the final rose ceremony.


“You know this was such a hard decision for me but I’ve decided I don’t want to take anyone to the final rose,” she said through tears.

“What I wanted out of this experience was to find my forever person, and if I hadn’t found that I didn’t want to pretend that I had.”

However, luckily for the people of NZ, Lily, the other Bachelorette, did find love.

During the finale, Lily was torn between Richie and Jesse, but in the end she chose Richie.

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????❤️ Congratulations Lily and Richie!!! ❤️???? #thebachelorettenz

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“Through the ups and the downs, the early mornings and late nights, the heartaches and the hangovers, you’ve made it all worth it. You’re the person I want to make me breakfast in the morning,” Lily told Richie.

So, we got both the drama and the love story. It’s really everything we could hope for in a Bachelorette season.

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