The Bachelorette: Let's talk about Michael's coatigan.

Introducing the coatigan.

Like other hardworking garments before it — the skort and those pants you can zip off to create a pair of fetching shorts — the coatigan has now entered the Australian public’s consciousness.

We can thank one man for this mass awakening: Michael, the suave sometime soccer-player-cum-real-estate-agent vying for Sam Frost’s heart on The Bachelorette.

But wait, a coatigan? I hear you ask. Not quite a coat, not quite a cardigan, the coatigan is a fancy hybrid of the two.

He looks so cosy! Apart from the ankles.

In 2013 “coatigan” was a real buzzword, according to the MacMillan Dictionary.

noun [countable]
a long knitted jacket with long sleeves which is worn over other clothes and looks similar to a coat

“Need something to take me through to wearing my winter coat and like the idea of a cosy coatigan. Anyone seen any nice ones that I can go looking at?”

Michael can often be seen pairing his coatigan nonsensically with elastic-bottomed three-quarter length pants. He is sartorially daring, and we can only assume Sam finds that irresistible in a man, because he got a date with her.

Listen to our Bach Chat girls discuss Michael’s coatigan…


On that date, she made him a terrible toasted sandwich and they pashed. He’d shed the coatigan by that time, but no doubt it was the memory of it that prompted her to go in for not one, not two, but THREE kisses.

Never fear, the coatigan is still on the scene.

After that, he was presented with a rose. He swaggered into the rose ceremony, coatigan reinstated, rose casually hanging out, the envy of all the other men.

Could Michael’s coatigan be his secret weapon? Only time will tell.

Here is a very informative song all about multi-tasking clothing by my boyfriend Arj Barker.

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