Of course Georgia Love chose Lee Elliott. His biological clock is tick, tick, ticking.

Look, I get it. You gave six weeks of your life over to the investment of seeing Georgia Love finding “the one”, and you became a steadfast member of Team Matty J.

In truth, most of us were. So I want you to know that it’s nothing personal when I say this was not Matty’s game to win; it was Lee’s.

Because for so many reasons, Lee needed this win.

Image via Channel 10.

This was Lee's last chance at love.

In case you missed it, Lee is 35 years old and up until Thursday night, he was still single as far as we knew. Things were getting desperate. Time was running OUT.

Obviously, there was something seriously wrong with the troubled tradie to be without a partner and without a baby at that age and a string failed relationships behind him.

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Would you look at those forehead lines.... Source: Channel 10

And whether it was high-maintenance issues, bunions or incessant ingrown hairs, we're not sure, but prior to meeting Georgia the picky plumber one birthday away from having a 'Quick Sale' sticker slapped on his wrinkling forehead.

Incredibly, the reality star was able to woo Georgia before she took off her rose-coloured glasses and saw Lee for what he was: a man still single at the age of 35.

A feat one made-up source described as "a miracle."

Our new Bachelorette couple. Image via Channel 10.

There's also the sad reality that at the ancient age of 35, this could be Lee's last chance to settle down - a fact he seems to be in complete denial about.

Because not to put my WebMD hat here or anything, (okay I'm secretly putting it on right now and yes, it's absolutely a fedora) but for some time now, Lee has been ignoring the loud and constant booming tick that is his biological clock. He does not hear his ovaries screaming as they inch toward their dying breaths.

"His mum and dad were constantly worried for him," a non-existent friend never admitted.


"Settling down and finding someone just didn't seem to be a priority; it was all work and career, and they really worried he left it too late. But now with Georgia, it's like he's been given a second chance," the fictional human continued without ever being real.

Perhaps the most concerning, though, was the fact that we didn't see Lee topless in the final weeks of the show. The make-believe source suggests that he's quickly losing confidence about the natural changes his ageing body is undergoing.

Last chance pash. Source: Channel 10.

"We've told him that cellulite and stretch marks are normal. The unrelenting weight of being single for so long really started to take its toll and the severity of life's hard blows are showing all over him, but he just didn't want to hear it," the source absolutely did not continue.

Georgia's decision to choose Lee over Matty, though, has been seen as a godsend, offering the almost 40-year-old a last chance at happiness.

Now, the challenge will be making sure he can hold onto it and finally make babies.

OH, hang on. False alarm. We almost forgot. Lee isn't a woman. He was always going to be just fine.

Disclaimer: Clearly this post is a parody, Lee you'll always be in our hearts. 

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