Bachelor Kayne shows off his rap skills on national TV. Again.

Some people never learn.

Kayne was one of the two suitors booted off The Bachelorette on Wednesday night. On The Project last night, he gave us some insight into why he didn’t win Sam Frost over, despite his many…er…skills.

In case you missed it, Kayne bragged about his headstand skills and fell over in about 2.3 seconds when attempting to show them off.

He also rapped for Sam. It was most awkward.

You can watch Kayne’s foray into the rap world below (post continues after video):

Video via Channel 10

“I think my nervousness got to me in the end. I was nervous constantly going to chat to her. So,  I think that was my main downfall.”

When Gretel Kileen asked Kayne whether it was all the lights and cameras, or that fuzzy feeling of love that got him feeling so nervous he said, “It’s Sam Frost you know? It’s her. And you’re just in awe constantly.” So, it sounds like Sam has made the right choice as Kayne was too overwhelmed (and probably too busy spitting some rhymes) to really connect with her.

The Project team called Kayne out on his rap game, Waleed Aly heckling that Peter Heliar would “never have lost a chick over his rap skills.” Ooohhhhh, burn.


Let the battle begin.

After some brief (and pathetic) trash talk, Kayne launches into some freestyle. And by ‘freestyle’ we mean ‘words that he had prepared earlier and written on a piece of scrap paper’…

You can check out Kayne’s performance on The Project here:

“Hey thanks for getting me on The Project. There’s things about the show you just don’t know yet…”

Pete’s expression pretty much sums up how Australia felt about that performance.

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