The Bachelorette's Jake says there's one thing he wants Georgia to know.

Despite failing to receive a rose on Wednesday night, Bachelorette contestant Jake Ellis has said he still has love for Georgia Love, sending a beautiful message of hope out to her family following his eviction.

Speaking to Popsugar following the episode, Ellis said that while he hasn’t spoken to the 27-year-old journalist since the show wrapped, his thoughts are with her and her family following the devastating news that Love’s mother Belinda has been admitted to palliative care.

the bachelorette jake ellis

Georgia and Jake on their final date together. Source: Channel 10

"We haven't been in contact," Ellis began. "And I guess the hardest thing at the moment, with everything that's going on at the moment, is not being able to talk to her. Or being able to let her know that I hope she's OK, and that myself and my family are thinking of her and her family. Which is hard, it really is. Obviously with everything going on you don't get that opportunity."

Belinda Love was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer shortly before her daughter began filming on the popular dating show, and early on in the series, Ellis revealed that his mum has also been fighting an ongoing battle with cancer.


Matty, Lee and Jake, the final three Bachelorette contenders. Source: Channel 10.

And ultimately, it was the health of their parents and distances between (Ellis lives in Queensland and Love in Melbourne) them that lead to Love's decision to send Ellis home.

"The biggest thing it came down to was her meeting my family and see how close I am with them, and understanding that both my mum and dad aren't well," Ellis continued. "She [Love] felt like it would be really hard for her to take me away from that."


Georgia and Jake on their final date. Source: Channel 10

Sadly, Ellis says his mum's health is still in the balance, explaining,  "Mum did have another scare while I was in the house, which I didn't know about until I came out — so that was quite hard to come back home to. But I guess the way I left the show, and what Georgia saw and said to me, really rang true when I came home. And now I can be here for my family for those reasons."

Having made the final three with fellow contenders Matty J and Lee, Ellis says that like the rest of us, he has no idea what will be the outcome of Thursday night's finale.

the bachelorette jake ellis

Jake came to the end of the road on Wednesday night. Source: Channel 10.

"I'm just as excited as the viewers to see who the lucky one that wins Georgia's heart," he says.

"At the same time I'm going to be a bit jealous of whoever does win. But if I could pick it . . . I became really close with Matty — and I did with Lee as well — and I consider him one of my really close friends. I want to see him happy so I'm hoping Matty takes it."