Real question: Are all the Bachelorette dudes' families super rich?

“Welcome to our home.”

Did anyone else notice on The Bachelorette this week how fancy all the families’ houses were?

Sam Frost made her obligatory home visits to the families of Alex, Richie, Sasha and Michael, and there was really very little controversy.

They all seemed like normal, nice people, but their houses — their houses were pretty amazing.

Sasha’s parents’ Bowral property.

Modern, tastefully decorated, with spacious outdoor entertaining areas.

So did all Sam Frost’s suitors grow up in mansions?

Does not a single one of their parents live in an embarrassing crap-shack in the boonies?

My own dad has a flatmate. My partner’s mum lives in a rambling old farmhouse, and if you bring anyone there they will immediately be bowled over and slobbered on by several excited dogs.

Would the producers of the show object to these kinds of family homes?

Richie’s mum’s outdoor entertaining area.

Personally, I think things would have been more interesting if they weren’t so perfectly polished, right down to the silverware.

Of course, it could be that the boys’ families are actually a little more eccentric than they appear.

River views from Michael’s parents’ balcony.

Last year on The Bachelor, Lisa Hyde’s family was shown to reside in a sparkling waterfront mansion; it was the talk of the episode.

It turned out, though, that the real home of Hyde’s parents was “unsuitable” and producers had hired the mansion for the episode.

Alex’s sleek kitchen.

“The property was rented on Lisa’s parents behalf,” a Shine spokesperson said.

“Their current family home in Noosa was not able to be used for production purposes.”

Did the Hydes live in a yurt? A home replete with Elvis paraphernalia? We’ll never know.

Do you think those were the real homes of the suitors’ families?

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