"I cringe every time". Sam Frost is NOT into watching herself pash on TV.

Paint pashes, home visits and a one way ticket to the friend-zone.

The Bachelorette Sam Frost was on The Project last night spilling the beans on home visits week.

As we know, Dave the plumber was booted out on Wednesday night (if you missed them, check out Rosie’s latest recaps here and here). To be honest, we’re kind of surprised he survived past the Shark Island incident.

Poor Dave.

“Davo is the biggest legend, he’s such a good guy,” said Sam.

“Well if he’s such a big legend, ” asked Waleed Aly, “why didn’t you pick him?

“I felt like there was more of a friendship there,” Sam told the panel. “And I think we’ll be good friends for many more years to come.” Straight from the Bachelorette’s mouth, Davo is officially “friend-zoned”.

Then we moved onto the good stuff – Sam and Sash’s painty pash.

“Sash doesn’t hold back with the tongue, I’ve noticed watching this back.”

And she’s not wrong.

We’re seeing double. Slippery, slidey double.

Nothing puts the P in PDA quite like playing tonsil-tennis on national television, and Sam is about as comfortable with that as you would expect. “It’s very weird,” she groaned. “I cringe every time. I just watch myself every time and go, ‘Oh man.’ But it is what it is.”

Comedian Meshel Laurie asked the question we were all thinking when we watched the kiss: “Could you taste the paint?” Turns out, yes. You could. “It sort of smooshes into your mouth,” Sam explained. Delicious.

“I hope it was non toxic,” said Laurie, sounding like a mum whose kids have hoed into the Playdoh on more than one occasion.

Sam and Sasha’s artistic exploits are being auctioned by Stroke Foundation, and the bid is currently sitting at around $1000. It was “made with love”, said Sam.


As for home visits? “It was incredibly awkward. I was a nervous wreck. I was dropping things and spilling things…” Sam said it didn’t result in any major shifts in the way she saw the boys, and doesn’t think she’d dump someone whose folks she didn’t get along with. “You can’t choose your family,” she said.

“They give me a hard time, but I think it’s fair enough – I’m dating other guys.”

But the numbers are dwindling and we are waiting with baited breath for finale week.

Bring it on!

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