The moment we knew Georgia Love wasn't playing by the rules.

Last night, Georgia Love tore off her ballgown, kicked her shoes high into the air, set the mansion alight and yelled “F*CK THE HATERZ” while flashing the show’s producers the middle finger.

It really was a sight to behold.

Well…sort of.

You see, there was a, er, villain on last night’s episode. We shall call him ‘Carlos’, mainly because that is his real name.

Carlos referred to himself as a ‘business mogul’, which apparently is code for ‘stripper’.

He told us that while some guys like to “collect hats” or “collect cars”, his thing is businesses. Carlos collects “nigtclubs, restaurants, limos…”

"I collect chix". Image via Channel 10.

In other words, Carlos is the guy who added you on Facebook four years ago and sends you strange event invitations once a fortnight. Everyone loves that guy!

He said that he is only on Tinder for 'business reasons'. Which,.... sounds pretty legit.

But Carlos wanted Georgia to know that he was more than just rich and incredibly good looking.

Even though he really could've gone ahead and impressed Georgia with his stripping he held back because "... if I wanted to just wow you with my body, then to be honest, I wouldn't travel all the way out here."


Oh...aww(?) We don't even know.

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Anyway, on top of being so goddamn successful, Carlos gifted Georgia a Tiffany bracelet upon meeting her.

In short: The producers wanted Carlos in for at least the first three weeks. He was this seasons Kiera. This seasons Laurina. He was going to make this season SO. MUCH. FUN.

And, judging from social media, the audience could just not get enough of him. We all loved to hate Carlos.

But Georgia was having none of it. Because Georgia is all about love. It's literally her last name. She is THAT committed.

Despite the expensive gift, and no doubt 14 Channel 10 producers in her ear saying "Do what you like, but please, for the love of our ratings, keep Carlos", Georgia did not present him with a rose. After knowing him for only a few short hours, Georgia gave him the boot.

And it was f*cking brilliant.

Georgia doesn't have time for men with whom she does not share common values. Carlos said he is all about "the finer things in life". I, much like Georgia, am not at all about "the finer things".

If this is any indication of what's to come, we are in for a very interesting season.

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