Georgia Love couldn't truly enjoy the finale because she was terrified of it being leaked.

The winner of The Bachelorette is one of the most highly protected secrets in all the land.

We’re pretty sure Channel 10 keeps the tape that reveals the winner locked up in a tiny, tiny safe, buried 20 kilometres underground and guarded by approximately 4000 guard dogs.

These dogs are probably NOT on guard dog duty. Image via Channel 10.

As secret as the winner may be, Georgia Love has revealed she was still freaking out at the possibility of paparazzi spoiling her big moment for everyone.

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"We [filmed the finale] on the rooftop of the Sofitel Hotel in the middle of the city," Georgia told NOVA 96.9's Fitzy and Wippa show this morning.

"It was really, really nerve-wracking because we had all these high rise building around us and we had no idea if there were paps hiding out in any of the windows!"

Our new Bachelorette couple. Image via Channel 10.

You may remember last year's season of The Bachelorette was ruined mere hours before the finale went to air when photos of Sam Frost snuggling up to the winner, Sasha, were published online.

Despite her fears, the secret was kept under wraps until it went to air.

"We got there!" she laughed.

The happy couple also revealed what went down in the moments after the show ended.

The couple say producers had to "pry them apart" after they revealed their love. Image via Channel 10.

"We kind of just kept kissing for a while and then we realised that people were packing up [the set] around us," Georgia said.

"They had to pry us apart, like, 'Come on guys, that's enough!'" Lee added.