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Should Davey have stolen that kiss from Sam?

Ah, Davey.

The 26-year-old carpenter went in for a kiss with Sam Frost that wasn’t exactly kosher on last night’s episode of The Bachelorette.

First he asked if she would give him a kiss on the cheek. Sam agreed, but as she sailed in plant the kiss he turned his head so the kiss landed on his mouth.

Some people were upset by Davey’s trickery. The kiss was definitely cheeky. Immature, sure. But sinister? We’re not convinced.

Davey did what people do on dates. He gave it a red-hot Aussie go. Let’s not also forget he was locked in a battle to the death with Tony for a red rose from Sam Frost, and it could’ve been his last chance.

The stolen kiss.

Tony and Davey were on a date with Sam Frost on a super-yacht. The two-on-one date could only have one winner, and Davey managed to scrape through.

For her part, Sam didn’t seem offended. Just reassured that as suspected, he’s not that mature. And he’s certainly not going to be standing in front of her on the night of the finale.

Davey’s fist pump after sneaking the kiss also did him no favours. But he did try to disavow her of the notion that he lacks maturity and substance.

“I’ve had a problem with girls of sticking up a wall but I’m ready now to drop it,” Davey told Sam during a deep and meaningful.

Extreme maturity.

“It’s hard for me to give myself to a girl but I feel like I could do that with you,” he added.

“The main thing that got me involved with this [the show] is that you are so family orientated and I know anyone can say this but to me, my family is everything. I am ready to start a family… as immature and silly as I come off.”

Davey lives to pash another week.

What do you think about the unauthorised kiss?

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