In one electrifying moment, The Bachelorette's Courtney won us back.

OK, I have something I’d like to admit: I was wrong about Courtney from The Bachelorette.

After furiously labelling him “the distillation of everything that is wrong with single men” precisely one week ago, I’d like to make a formal retraction.

I got it wrong.

Even though he sacrificed one-on-one time with Georgia Love for his mates while donned in knight armour, Courtney is not the douchey, ‘dicks-before-chicks’ dude I pencilled him down to be.

How did I come to realise this? Because of this one minute and 18 seconds of footage…

Did you see the way he grabbed her face?!

And the way they smiled at each other?!

And the sexy leaning?!


The moment that kiss went down, I, along with the majority of the Mamamia office, collectively let out an, “Oh… shit… OK then… so we were really, really bloody wrong”.

After weeks of sketchy, round-about communication and sub-par behaviour on group dates, Courtney just won us back with a perfectly-timed snog.

I mean, let’s be honest. That kiss was perfect and romantic and spontaneous and exactly one Hugh Grant away from being RomCom movie-worthy.

Listen: Our Bach Chat team dissects tonight’s episode. Courtney’s kiss included. (Post continues after audio.)

Now that we’ve seen Courtney and Georgia stare into each other’s eyes the way I stare at an extra-cheesy pizza, it’s fair to say Courtney’s the favourite to take home our Bach Lady.

We wouldn’t rule out Lee and Cameron just yet, though…

Who do you think is the favourite to take home Georgia’s heart?

Featured image: Tenplay

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