Anyone who says 'boys don't b*tch' clearly didn't watch last night's episode of The Bachelorette.

All I can say to people who claim men don’t bitch is, have you watched the latest episode of The Bachelorette!?

Airing on Wednesday night, it was clear from the get-go that the claws were out. And you know what? It made for excellent viewing.

In this edition of Lifestyles of the Bitchy and Highly Competitive was aspiring poet and part-time model, Rhys. During the group’s medieval-themed competitive date, in which the winner would be granted eight solo hours of Georgia’s time, he said he’d like to shoot Sam in the mouth with a plastic arrow.

“Sam is a loud mouth and it would be good to shoot him right there and shut him up,” Rhys said to backup his reasoning.

"Bitching in haiku is my jam" Rhys says. Source: Channel 10.

Oohhhhh burn, Rhys. Burn.

Sam responded to this clear call of war (without knowing he was actually responding to it) by convincing the group to let Rhys win the challenge.

"I just thought it would be beneficial for the rest of us if we let Rhys spend time with Georgia," the electrician and fellow part-time model explained. "Rhys does more damage when he's talking, so if I do something that would give Rhys eight hours with Georgia I would do it."

And do it they did.

the bachelorette contestants

"Is it bitching if it's true?" Sam asks. Source: Channel 10.

All we can say is, Georgia, you have our condolences for the time you'll never get back from that single date.

And when it came time for the episode's cocktail party - also known as the bitch crescendo - the gentlemen were still in fighting form.

Joined by two intruders named Matteo and Todd, Sam seemed confident and un-phased by it all.


Would you bitch out for a chance at love with Georgia Love? Source: Channel 10.

"The intruders can't get any worse than the guys we're stuck with already," he said to Jake, before telling the cameras, "I'm happy that there's some new guys. I definitely would trade them in for a few guys in the house already."

Naturally, the first thing said to Italian intruder Matteo was... a little bit racist.

"Can I actually, I need another vodka lime soda," Courtney said to Matteo tapping his glass.

the bachelorette contestants

"While you're up mate..." Courtney bitchily jokes. Source: Channel 10.

Because ha ha as if the one foreigner in the room would be doing anything other than working a cash-in-hand hospitality job, amirite?

When it came time to meet the second intruder, Jack Johnson fan and serenader Todd, the guys continued their bitches-in-waiting act.

"It's Ed Sheeran with a beard!" Sam cried.

"First impressions... they were both midgets," Matt said to the camera before claiming, "they were only about 5 foot 7... 5 foot 8."

Proving he really did not give a f*ck (as he'd been saying all episode, Sam added, "Todd. He's a cool guy; musician."

After a moment's pause, he added, "That's all I got. I don't even know his name. Todd... not even sure if it's one or two d's."

It's time for the Bachie Mansion to bulk buy some ice packs to treat all those almighty burns.

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