The Bachelorette's Carlos shares what he'll do with Georgia's rejected Tiffany bracelet.

When business ‘mogul’ Carlos was sent home from The Bachelorette on Wednesday night, we had but two questions: 1) is it socially acceptable to describe yourself as a business mogul? and 2) what did Georgia do with the Tiffany bracelet he gave her?!

If you missed Carlos’ entrance, he creepily suggested he wanted to strip for Georgia, then asked her if she liked poetry, before bizarrely telling her “well, I don’t have a poem.” Riiiiight.

Instead, he whipped out a Tiffany bracelet – a lovely gift for someone you’ve been dating for years, but not so much for someone you’ve literally just met. She put on her very best ‘WOW thank you so much!’ face, but you could tell she was far more impressed with Courtney’s DIY pasta bracelet.

As were we all.


It turns out when Georgia sent Carlos home, she returned the bracelet, along with a note saying how much she “loved and appreciated it.”

Now, Carlos has spoken to The Project about what he intends to do with his rejected bracelet. The 29-year-old nightclub owner told Carrie Bickmore he wants to donate it to charity, as he definitely “won’t be giving the bracelet to another girl on a date.”

“What I will do with the bracelet is give it up for auction at magic men’s next pink ribbon for the Cancer Council,” he said.

Oh. Well…there’s no punchline there. That actually seems like a great idea.

 Love was very respectful of Carlos in an interview after his eviction episode aired, telling The Age “I’m just one girl…for me, that [giving flashy gifts] wasn’t a tactic that I liked.”
Georgia Love is no superficial woman. Image via Channel 10.
"Carlos is a lovely guy," she continued. "It's just that whole stripping, business-owning flashy thing didn't float my boat from night one. But that's absolutely nothing against Carlos."
When it came to the bracelet, she said "it was such a thoughtful gift to give."
"But the fact that he did go home on the first night, I felt uncomfortable holding on to that...knowing how much it's worth."
Damn, she is one classy lady.
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