Ben from The Bachelorette's Tinder profile has been found. And it's VERY cheeky.

Using Tinder is a little like playing the pokies. You know you’re probably not going to win, but sometimes you just keep on swiping hoping to hit the jackpot.

And some lucky lady clearly did when she stumbled on the profile of Ben Lyall, the most recent evictee of The Bachelorette mansion.

The 31-year-old miner and “nervous pooer” from Woolongong is clearly still looking for his “unicorn” after failing to win the affections of Georgia Love this week.

The self-proclaimed five-and-a-half out of ten is on Tinder and he’s clearly no shrinking violet (in case his proclivity for talking about his bowel movements on national television hadn’t tipped you off).

Check out his cheeky profile picture.


Bless. Source: Tinder

As he left the mansion Ben declared he was still looking for his "unicorn".

"Unfortunately, I didn't find the unicorn that I'd been looking for, but it's back to the drawing board, I guess," he told the camera.

"I hoped I was going to experience that feeling where you swallow a rainbow, but it wasn't meant to be this time around and I'm sure my time will come one day."

The bio on his profile suggests he wasn't kidding.

'"I like unicorns if u dont like unicorns best giving me a cross i dont like people who dont like them [sic]," he writes.

Now, hold up just one minute! Could it be The Bachelor's Janey — whose "passions" include: herself, glitter, mermaids, UNICORNS, sunny days and clouds — is actually his perfect woman?


Here's hoping she swipes right.

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