The winner of The Bacheorette was always clear, Sam just needed to hear three words.

After weeks of drama, rumours and speculation, The Bachelorette’s Sam Frost has FINALLY chosen her man.

The winner? None other than Sasha Mielczarek. Surprise, surprise – the guy we all expected to win went ahead and won, after all.

Sasha Mielczarek. Image via TenPlay.

The 34-year-old, from Bowral, beat fellow semi-finalist Michael Turnbull for Sam's affections.

Of course, there were lots of us who saw this coming a mile away.

Sam and Sasha on their first single date. Image via TenPlay.

Sasha was a fan favourite, the guy everyone expected to win - and earlier this week, many people believed his fellow contestant Michael Turnbull actually gave the result away early.

Sam and Sasha. Image via TenPlay.

During an interview with Kyle and Jackie O, Kyle said "may the best man win". And Michael immediately turned around and gave Sasha a "congratulatory" high-five. Way to ruin the suspense, Mikey.

Sam and Sasha on their second single date. Image via TenPlay.

But hey, we wish Sasha and Sam the very best.

Enjoy this time, you crazy kids.

Are you happy that Sam chose Sasha?

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