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"They were shocked!" How Bachelorettes Elly and Becky explained their dating rules to contestants.

If you're heading into the new season of The Bachelorette Australia looking for catfights, drama or broken hearts, the show's leading ladies think you'll leave disappointed.

For the first time in Australia, this season of The Bachelorette will feature two ladies handing out roses with Elly Miles, a fan favourite from last year's season of The Bachelor and her sister Becky both looking for love in a rose-filled mansion where Osher Günsberg could walk in at any second. 

While Australia might have been a little puzzled about how the whole televised love game would work now with two women sharing the dating spotlight, Becky and Elly said they went in with a very clear plan of attack. 

"It’s definitely a new dynamic, having two Bachelorettes," Elly told Mamamia's The Spill podcast. "Essentially, we’re meeting all the same guys, we got to know them and then figure out who we each want to go on dates with."

"We weren’t making out with the same guys, that's just not what we’re all about," Becky added. "Our strategy was, because there’s two of us, we had to figure out who the guys liked too." 

"We met all the guys on the red carpet and there were a few who we both looked at and thought ‘oh, he’s quite cute!’ but we’re not possessive. 

"One of the first things we said to the boys was ‘look, there are no guidelines on what we should and shouldn’t do here'," Elly continued. "We’re not here to battle it out. So we said to the guys, 'When you figure out who you’re interested in let us know as well'."

"They were definitely shocked at first," Becky confirmed. "We had to explain there’s two of us, we’re both looking for love and we want to find a guy each." 

Listen to The Bachelorette stars Elly and Becky Miles talk about their new relationships on The Spill, along with the top entertainment stories of the day.

Both Elly and Becky were very open with the contestants on the show about the hurt they'd suffered in past relationships and the obstacles they had overcome and encouraged their suitors to so the same.

According to the sisters, it led to some fun but highly emotional group dates. 

"I am really protective of Bec because she has been really hurt in the past," Elly told The Spill. "I’ve seen that and been through it all with her. She is such a strong woman and she has really evolved. I know she can hold her own, so just sat back and watched this woman in awe."

"I had a really shitty time through school and it took me a good few years to really come into my own," Becky said. "To stand up for myself and stop caring about what other people think, but Elly has always been such a strong woman."


The good news here is that both of the women walked away from the show with a budding relationship in the works, although neither of them are ready to call it 'love' just yet. 

"Honestly, for me I have only been in love once and that was a long time ago," Elly said. "It’s very rare for me to get real feelings for someone. I don’t fall very easily and I don’t think that I’ve ever felt like this about someone before. We’re still on the journey to the 'L' word but I’m so happy."

The Bachelorette stars Elly and Becky Miles. Image: Network Ten. 

"I also wouldn’t say I’m in love," Becky said. "But Elly and I both chose someone at the end of this. I’m in a really happy place and excited to see where it’s going to go. We’re in real life now and I just want time to spend with my person and see where life will take us."

"We’re so lucky that our turnaround from filming to airing was so quick," Elly said. "We only just wrapped and we’re about to go to air. We’ve had it better than others in the past, but it still makes it tough because you just want to be with them."

"We both have code names in our phones," added Becky. "There are lots of FaceTiming and lots of text messaging, but we're both very happy."

The Bachelorette Australia premieres Wednesday, October 7 at 7:30pm AEST on Network 10. 

Feature Image: Network Ten.