WATCH: The Bachelorette guys are what you might call... eccentric.

“I didn’t ask to be a model… it just kind of came to me.”

Over the weekend, we learned there are 14 white, supposedly eligible men competing for the jilted heart of Sam Frost. There’s a model, a professional (abs)eiler and even a sleep technician (not a real job), which means already this season is going to be more entertaining than its male counterpart, The Bachelor.

In a very exciting sneak peek of the show, which premieres September 23, Channel 10 has given us the first look at a few of these men. And let’s just preface this video by saying – they seem every ince as batsh*t crazy as any other contestant that’s ever gone on The Bachelor.

You can watch the preview below. Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

We open on the INTERNATIONAL MODEL, who proves with one opening line that he’s not lasting more than a few episodes: “I didn’t ask to be a model… it just kind of came to me.”

Just quietly: Rosie’s hilarious recaps of The Bachelor are the best part of the show. Get on that here.

He then cements his position as this season’s villain when he says “these guys are going to have to lift their game a little bit.” Oooooooh.

international model
‘Model’ Duh. Image via Channel 10.

We also meet a professional soccer player. We know this because his introduction is filled with shots of him holding a soccer ball.

Then we move on to the musician. As he professes his admiration for Sam in the form of what he calls a ‘ditty’, one of the other contestants says “it sounds like a cat dying over there”.

sam and dude
Sam Frost being awkwardly serenaded by a dude with a guitar. Image via Channel 10.

And then there’s the construction worker who made Sam a rose out of red paper. Does he realise he’s on the wrong show? You’ll be getting a rose, buddy, not giving them out.

The best part about this preview is that Sam really seems to be enjoying herself. We can assume this because approximately 30 seconds of this minute-and-a-half preview is made up of photos of her laughing. But let’s be honest, she deserves it after the public humiliation of last season’s brutal break up with Bachelor Blake Garvey.

September 23. Two weeks away. DON’T FORGET.

Click through the gallery below to meet all the contestants:

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