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Twerking, flowers and A LOT of hair: Our first look at The Bachelorette 2019 contestants.

For the last two weeks, we’ve forgotten that reality TV is usually used to show good looking people trying to find Instagram followers and maybe also love ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and instead enjoyed it being utilised to show a dancing and singing prawn.

It’s been fun, but the Insta models are back and we must pay attention.

The 2019 season of The Bachelorette begins next week featuring ex-Goggleboxer Angie Kent and a few dozen men who’ve taken a break from the gym, their Instagrams and dog parks to spend time in the mansion.

Bachelor Ciarran, a.k.a Lucius Powers, gets his twerk on… because of course he does. Post continues below video.

Video by Network 10

Before today, the only man we’d had a glimpse of was… Angie’s brother. Yep, Angie’s younger brother Brad is going undercover in the mansion to sort out the lads from the future husbands.

So that’s cool. But now we’ve been introduced to two of the real suitors and they’re really something.

Apparently their names are Ciarran and Timm with two ms, which both seem made-up and unnecessary, so we hereby only refer to them by their descriptive names: Balayage Tarzan and Lucius Powers (when you see it…).

Both currently have their Instagram accounts on lock, but that’s sure to change as they begin their journey towards teeth whitening endorsement deals and becoming online personal trainers.

Here’s all the info we have so far:

Timm Hanly, 27.

the bachelorette australia 2019 contestants
You don't need an extra M. Image: Network 10.

Balayage Tarzan is a 27-year-old fireproofer who raided the jungle's bed of sunflowers and turned up to the Bachelorette red carpet with a GIANT bouquet of them. He is, in his words: "Just keeping it simple".

the bachelorette australia 2019 contestants

From a wee sneak peek, we can see that Angie is willing to look past the unnecessary extra 'm' and the fact he has put the jungle's delicate ecosystem at risk to give him a chance, because sunflowers are her 'sign'. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ciarran Stott, 25.

the bachelorette australia 2019 contestants
Image: Network 10.

The love child of Lucius Malfoy and Austin Powers, Ciarran describes his above look as "sexual Willy Wonka" and that is a truly unsettling sentence we never, ever want to hear again.


But no, running a chocolate factory is serious business. Willy Wonka would not twerk and twerking is exactly what Lucius Powers does in the short preview we see of his first night in the Bachelorette mansion.

the bachelorette australia 2019 contestants
the bachelorette australia 2019 contestants

It's a lot for all of us, but especially for secret undercover brother Brad who did not sign up to watch a bum in tight red pants wiggle in front of his sister's face, thank you very much.

Besides enjoying a bum wiggle, Lucius Powers describes himself as "fun, flirty, flamboyant and fabulously British".

There's still many more men to be revealed but so far, so... interesting for Angie.

And us, who get to watch it all go down when The Bachelorette begins on Wednesday, October 9.